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By Colette Randall

Photo Shop
Software from ZoomAlbum helps you preserve and create memories

There is no greater agony than middle-class shopping: What do you buy for the people who already have socks, stationery and fancy soap? You can’t afford the designer frocks they really crave, and matching towel sets seem trite and superfluous. When confronted with such boring options, the best choice is to go with the personalized gift—always unique, always well-received.

A new software package from ZoomAlbum helps amateur photographers create personalized photo books for friends and loved ones. The software enables you to create an attractive, hardcover album perfect for commemorating any big or mini-occasion. Each package contains everything you need to make two 12-picture albums. Users select images from their digital camera or cellphone, add captions if desired, then print them onto high-quality photo paper that can be folded into album format.

Potential users should be aware they will need a PC with Windows as well as a good color printer in order to take advantage of ZoomAlbum’s software. With prices beginning at ¥1,050 (for two), ZoomAlbums make a fun and inexpensive gift that is sure to be appreciated. Let the generosity begin.

ZoomAlbum sets can be purchased at Tokyu Hands Shibuya, Yodobashi Camera and Laox. Software is downloadable from www.zoomalbum.com