For Immediate Release

ZoomAlbum Presents Expanded Product Line at
MemoryTrends Trade Show

Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 10, 2005  - New cover options and upgraded software are research-driven enhancements to the product line at ZoomAlbum, Inc. ZoomAlbum™ makes and sells kits for making 3"x3" mini-photo albums using just a PC and home Inkjet printer.

ZoomAlbums are printed on a single sheet of high-quality glossy paper that folds into a crisp little booklet of photos that is inserted into a provided hardbound cover. The albums are catching on with photo enthusiasts, scrap booking enthusiasts and professional photographers around the world.

Doug Rowan, the ZoomAlbum CEO says "Our albums are very popular, because research from the latest Photo Marketing Association Survey shows that prints are still the preferred way to keep and share photos." Rowan cited findings from the 2001-2005 PMA Digital Imaging Surveys that support the popularity of digital printing and photo sharing.

Each album contains 12 photos, and the new product line includes variations of kits for making covers that can be personalized with a wrap-around photo or embellished as a craft or scrap booking project.

Rowan also announced that "a major retailer will be featuring ZoomAlbums at stores around the country on November 1." "We're working to roll out ZoomAlbums nationally," he says, "and our patented processes make this the best little photo album on the market." ZoomAlbums are available for retail purchase at

About Zoom Album, Inc.: Headquartered in Seattle, ZoomAlbum, Inc. sells photo albums that capture memories on high quality paper in a hardbound cover. These charmingly small albums are made in Japan following a patented process. ZoomAlbums are ideal hand made gifts that bring instant appreciation and long-lasting value. The company is privately-held.

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