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Modern Memories: High-Tech Dreams
by Helen Bradley

Do you approach a scrapbook store like a kid in a candy store saying “I’ll have one of these and one of those and two of them”? If you’re anything like me and love to get your hands on the latest scrapbooking related product and tools, then hold onto your purse. There are some serious “must have” technologies on the horizon that will make your scrapbooking even more fun and convenient. Don’t worry though, as high-tech as these products are, you don’t need an engineering degree to figure them out. They’re easy to use and designed for dedicated scrapbookers and casual photo artists alike.

zoom zoom
You already know that mini albums are all the rage in scrapbooking circles. ZoomAlbum has taken the mini album and turned it digital with a fun pack that comes complete with software, paper and covers enough to make three easy-to-assemble hardcover mini albums. The program is easy enough for computer novices to use and the tiny 3 x 3” mini albums that result are a perfect way to share your photos. Using the software, you select one photo for each of the 12 spaces in an 8˝ x 11” template You can then drag and drop the images and add multiple blocks of text so each page can have a title and journaling. You then print the design onto the pre-scored paper, fold it according to the directions and peel-and-stick the pages together to create the finished book. The covers are plain pastels, which can easily be decorated using your scrapbooking stash. A ZoomAlbum is fun and quick to make and my digitally remedial friends were extremely impressed with ones I whipped up for them.