Extracted from the March 3, 2006 issue of The Imaging Resource Digital Photography Newsletter
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Feature: PMA 2006 Highlights 

Our team coverage of the Photo Marketing Association's 2006 convention and trade show was itself newsworthy this year. With Publisher Dave Etchells, Senior Editor Shawn Barnett, News Editor Michael Tomkins, Videographer Andrew Alexander and Photographer Luke Smith, we produced over 760 photos (some of them panoramas), 11 videos (so far), 53 booth reports, dozens of news releases and even four floor reports by your newsletter editor.


Mini Albums. Finally, we couldn't help watching a tiny Zoom Album (http://www.zoomalbum.com) being folded from one piece of paper, the adhesive removed from the back of each page in the patented process and a cover slapped on in just a few minutes. Software makes it easy to crop your images to the square page format. Assembly is really quite simple and the books are not expensive at under $20 a kit.