Extracted from a February 26, 2006 posting on IT News Online
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CHA Summer: ZoomAlbum

What was new at CHA? ZoomAlbum! ZoomAlbum is a product to help you resolve the dilemma of what to do with all your digital camera and camera cell phone pictures. ZoomAlbum allows you to create unique photo albums bound in attractive hardcover style and printed on high quality photo paper.

Quick and easy to use, and inexpensive too! Each two-album package comes with everything you will need to create a twelve (12)-picture album.  You select your photos, add captions if you so choose, you can even add PowerPoint slides to your album!  Then print with your own color inkjet printer.

Within minutes you've created a personal memory book -in pocket book size - for that special relative, friend, business acquaintance, or whoever happens to be on your list for a ZoomAlbum memory book!

With ZoomAlbum, you can print digital images from your hard drive or memory card in booklet format. Simply fold and peel off the backing, then drop in a cover provide.

ZoomAlbum is not photo editing software, so if you want to edit or enhance photos for your booklet, you can use photo editing software to do so before you move the photos into ZoomAlbum.

ZoomAlbum can also import PowerPoint presentations if you have PowerPoint on your computer. The PowerPoint slides can be a full slide show or can be used as slides with other images as well. PowerPoint animation can't be saved into ZoomAlbum.

Editor's Note 1: No buying or pricing information was available in the press release, or on the manufacturer's website.

Editor's Note 2: Thanks for Annie for passing this along.