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Installing the newest version of ZoomAlbum™ Creator 2.1 software will resolve most common issues. Please also review the information below.

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Printing Issues and Solutions
Printer Compatibility
Exporting ZoomAlbum Files
PC System Requirements for ZoomAlbum
MAC System Requirements for ZoomAlbum
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ZoomAlbum Creator™ Software Users Guides

The information below has proved helpful to many satisfied ZoomAlbum users.

Printing Issues and Solutions

  • The photo paper jams or will not feed into my printer.

    Solution: Use a light adhesive tape to attach the ZoomAlbum Sheet to a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper. This helps provide a bit of stability for the printer rollers. Then gently guide the paper into the paper feed tray of your printer.

  • Some models of Hewlett-Packard All-In-One Printers experience paper feed issues when printing ZoomAlbums.

    While most printers do an excellent job of printing ZoomAlbums, some models of HP All-In-One Printers may present challenges when feeding the unique ZoomAlbum photo paper for printing. Try the printing solution mentioned above for best results. Or contact us directly for further support through the printing process.

  • The paper feed tray is at the bottom of my printer, and won’t take my photo cover sheet.

    Solution: Use a light adhesive tape to attach the photo cover sheet to the bottom right corner of an 8.5" x 11'' sheet of printer paper. Then select “Print Cover” in the ZoomAlbum Creator software. Gently guide the paper into the paper feed tray of your printer.

  • I'm ready to print, but I’m worried that I may ruin my album page or cover.

    Solution: Print a test sheet on regular printer paper first.

Printer Compatibility

There are no known compatibility issues with these printers:


  • Epson Stylus® Series


  • Pixma Series printers

We have found an incompatibility of the software with newer Canon printers such as MP980/MP620 series. Those printers have a set of paper guides instead of a single paper guide for the rear sheet feeder. This issue applies only for printing a photo cover with Macintosh OSX. The following is the solution for Canon MP980/MP620 series and Mac OSX when printing ZoomAlbum photo covers:
  1. Click on System Preferences
  2. Click on Print & Fax
  3. Select MP980 as a default printer
  4. Select DL Envelope for Default Paper Size in Page Setup.
You should be able to print the photo cover without issue. Be sure to set back the Default Paper Size to Letter after printing the cover.

Exporting ZoomAlbum Files

(use this when transferring files to another computer)

  • In your ZoomAlbum Creator software, select Manager
  • Highlight your album filename
  • Click Export at the bottom of the screen.

PC System Requirements for ZoomAlbum

  • Operating System - Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • CPU - Pentium 1 GHz (x32) or higher
  • RAM - 512 MB minimum, 1GB or more recommended
  • Available Disk Space - 1GB free disk space
  • Printer - Inkjet photo printer

Macintosh® System Requirements for ZoomAlbum

  • Operating System - Apple Macintosh OSX V10.2.6 and higher/Power Macintosh G3 500MHz or higher
  • Screen Resolution - 800x600 pixels with 32 bit color quality or greater
  • Available Disk Space - 1GB free disk space
  • Printer - Inkjet photo printer

Contact ZoomAlbum Support

We are here to help! Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and service. We are committed to helping you enjoy your ZoomAlbum Photobooks.

If you have questions while making your albums, pick up the phone and call us or email us. We strive to respond to inquiries within two business days.

Call us at 1-206-399-3286

E-mail us at

We very much welcome your phone call if you have any problems or questions. We are dedicated to ensuring that you complete your ZoomAlbum, and enjoy the experience.

Help Us Help You

When contacting our help desk via phone or email, please have the following information available:
  • The store location or website from which you purchased your ZoomAlbum Kit.
  • A very brief description of the problem (i.e. printer or software related).
  • The make and model number of your printer.
  • Your contact information (phone number and/or email address) and preferred call back time.
When you provide the above information, we can provide you with a faster response and solution. We appreciate your help.

ZoomAlbum Creator Software Users Guides

ZoomAlbum Creator™ Personal Version 2.1 Users Guide for Windows® (PDF)
ZoomAlbum Creator™ Version 2.1 Users Guide for Macintosh® (PDF)